Does this mean no one else can have one now?


~ by Chris Owens on March 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “So?”

  1. my question exactly…

  2. So far it means you can still buy one before April 2nd, but after that it becomes Starbucks proprietary property. All pre-existing clovers will still get support. Clover net is being shut down in the next 60 days. I still don’t know what to exactly feel about this, but after Coffeefest DC, and having 4 clover at morning coffee, and having them promise us 4 more for Coffeefest Atlanta, I do feel a bit betrayed and disappointed in them. They where brought to where they are now by independents, only to turn and sell out to their competition, exclusively.

  3. or, no one else will want one?

  4. i know my friends at vita are wondering if starbucks will buy there clover at a premium – they also joked about putting a little starbucks logo on the side of the thing.

    in all seriousness this obviously sucks for a bunch of indie shops and clover had a good day at the bank…

    i just wonder if sbucks will re-engineer the thing do that it pumps out coffee faster and takes less skill.

  5. I was working on a brilliant scheme to have folks subscribe in advance to a year’s worth of clover coffee so we could afford one without a cashflow hit That idea is trashed. We always felt a ton of the value was in CloverNet.

    Here’s hoping Greg Scace or someone can create a better one…

  6. and yeah – apparently sbucks now has an exclusive on clovers.

  7. […] — “why don’t you blog about the clover?” they said. “everybody’s doing it!” […]

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