Stearns Coffee

Daniel and Marisa Stearns, formerly of the infamous Murky Coffee, have recently opened their own shop. They are bringing great coffee to the lucky folks of Huntsville, AL. Check them out at

On our most recent visit, Daniel tells us he’s made a television commercial. Uh oh. We all know how bad those cable company produce, local business TV commercials can be. But, Stearns Commercial is great! They were smart and DID NOT let the cable company do it. The video is an homage to the awesome Goodrow Video. (Don’t worry, Daniel knows the filmmaker and asked permission first).


~ by Chris Owens on December 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stearns Coffee”

  1. yeah… that’s pretty darn good! nice… i’d love to see a lil’ more gb/5 out there where you’d least expect it. could you imagine a billboard on an interstate? should we draw the line there?

  2. Killer. I’ll have to watch it with sound later.

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