Klaus Thomsen Smokes (Tales of Scandinavia) 2

Friday Sept. 14th Day 2

We arrive in Copenhagen at about 11am. As we make our way to the customs agent, I can feel that slightly tense uneasiness. Not because I have any reason to worry, mind you, just from the unknown. I pull out my passport and the agent just waves me through. He doesn’t even look at it. Much less stamp it. So much for worrying.

We are picked up from the airport by Björg Brend of the Nordic Barista Cup organization and Café Europa. She was gracious enough to let us stay with her for our weekend in CPH, prior to the NBC. She drives us to her apartment to drop off our luggage before she has to go to work. We walk in the door, drop our bags, pick up the house key and immediately walk back our and jump on a train to Malmö, Sweden.

Solde to go

Malmö is a very quaint town and is home to a surprisingly good coffee scene. We arrive at Solde Kaffebar to have a much needed espresso and meet up with some friends. As we chat with Jonas, one of the owners of Solde, Dan “The Swedish Blogger” Senqvist arrives followed shortly thereafter by Jens Brine of Impod/Portaflon.

We proceed to have a huge discussion on dosing methods, distribution, and tamping techniques. We also looked at some very lovely Impod tampers, including a mock-up for a possible future limited edition. Details to come.


Impod at Solde

We left Solde to start a mini café crawl, with a quick stop off for Falafel on the way. As we swallowed the last bite of garlicky falafel we head for Te + Kaffehuset. There we met Matteas who was kind enough to pull us a very nice SO espresso with El Salvador’s Finca La Fany Bourbon. The only way I can describe his shop is that it is sort of like an ice cream shop except instead of having 31 flavors it has coffees, espresso machines, and accessories. Maybe it was the linoleum and bad fluorescent lighting.

With that it was time to head back to CPH. It seems it is always raining in Sweden and today was no different. But, as soon as we crossed the bridge back into Denmark the sun was shining again.

Our plan was to be back at Björg’s house for dinner by 8pm and we were tracking to make it right on time. I bet you can guess where this is heading. Somewhere along the line we turned right instead of left. Or was that left instead of right? Anyway, after 2 hours of walking we finally went into a bodega to buy a phone card. Instead a nice, yet somewhat odd, man let us use his phone, bought us a phone card and even drove us to the bus stop. Once we were sorted we made it home without further issue.

We arrive in the living room to find Clover’s very own David Latourell sitting there, wine in hand. We all sat down and enjoyed a home cooked meal of boiled fish and asparagus risotto. We were exhausted but it was lovely.


~ by Chris Owens on October 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Klaus Thomsen Smokes (Tales of Scandinavia) 2”

  1. I´m looking forward to see you guys again. I´m getting so inspired og these meetings.

  2. Don’t forget the other smokers!!

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