Klaus Thomsen Smokes (Tales of Scandinavia)

NBC07 024

Thursday Sept 13th Day 1.

We leave our house bright and early to take the MARTA to the airport. That’s about the only thing Atlanta’s train system is good for, trips to the airport. As we change trains at 5 points station we end up in the elevator with a man who, at 6:30AM, is already LOADED. He asks me is I’ve ever been to the Netherlands. When I say yes, he starts laughing as if we sat together in an Amsterdam “Coffee Shop” in some hazy past. “What happens in the Netherlands stays in the Netherlands”, he says.

We make it to the airport and go to check our luggage. We thought we would be clever and share a suitcase. Well, that put us overweight so we had to pay extra. Oh well, live and learn.

We had a five hour layover in Newark. At the very last second, when we find out we have to leave and go through security again anyway, we decided to make a mad dash for Grumpy Chelsea. We call and text all our New York friends as we sit on a bus to the city. Ed was working the bar and Mike White, Daniel Humphries, and Caroline all come by to see us. (Sorry John, we figured you were in the middle of meeting with New York’s Restaurant elite and the Food Network executives about your upcoming reality show). So, for 20 minutes we hugged, chatted, and drank espresso. Ed pulled us shots of 49th’s epic espresso as well and a SO shot of Worka. It was nice to be in New York again. Even for just a few minutes.

Since the bus took up about an hour or so of our trip we decide to bight the bullet and take a cab back. $75 later we are back at the airport only to find our flight to CPH has been delayed 5 HOURS! Since we can’t afford the time or money to go back to the city we wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, we board our plane. Not having slept more than two hours the night before we are exhausted. I can’t sleep on planes so I stay that way.


~ by Chris Owens on October 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Klaus Thomsen Smokes (Tales of Scandinavia)”

  1. Give us more! I’m hooked on your tale… and I know everyone would like to see some photographic documentation of Mr. Former WBC Champ Thomsen smoking!

  2. Hah! HAh! HAH!
    This should be good…

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