Looking back on CoffeeFest

(Photo credit to Dan Griffin)

Today another blogger called me out for not posting. So, here I am. This may be long since I have to recap weeks of no-posting.

I know that it has been over for a while, and has been covered here, here, here, and extensively here, but I decided I throw my recap on the pile.

After weeks of preparation….. Well, I won’t bore you with preparation except to say that the weekend’s events wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground without David LaMont.

Thank you David

Thursday was load in. Brian and I drove the Penske down in the morning to find little in the way of line. We filled out some paperwork and a few minutes later a man with a fork lift arrived. Aside from Brian and I having to lift 350lbs worth of cabinet it went off without a hitch. We were unloaded, from start to finish, in less than an hour.

Friday was the opening day of the show. With a few last minute tweeks we were ready to go. My role for the day was to be barista. I got to rock the GS3. Which is always fun. We had Counter Culture’s Toscano and 5 Country blends in the hoppers. The 5 country seemed to spark a lot of interest. One noted blogger, that I was glad I finally got to meet, who is know for his CNN style coverage and occasional missing video footage, referred to it as herbacious.

Friday night was the Octane party. Which was a huge success! Octane gave out free french press, espresso, macchiatos and capps. Even with all the free stuff, they stayed open for regular business too. It must have been strange for all the non-coffee people, who just wanted their latte, see me, M’Lissa, Phillip Search, Chris Deferio, Dan Griffin, and Matt Milletto all crowded behind the machine making drinks.

Saturday was more CoffeeFest action but, what everyone really cares about is the Counter Culture party at our ATL training center. Did I mention that this would not have been the event it was without David LaMont? Man, that place was packed. EVERYONE came out. But, how could you not? I mean we had BBQ, beer, peanuts, Krispy Kreme, Moon Pies and coffee. Who would miss that? Of course, after a few beers Heather Perry called for a latte art throw-down. I try my best to avoid such things so I hung back. But, most every other barista in the room jumped in. It was the usual format, one shot, one pour, 5 dollar buy in and winner takes the pot. Before she knew what happened M’Lissa’s dad had bought her in. I was happy to stand on a chair and wait to cheer her on. Next thing I know Brett, one of the principles of Counter Culture, says, “Why aren’t you in this? Get in there.” When the boss buys you in, you go. He even had to pay an extra dollar late entry fee. M’Lissa’s pour came and of course she did excellently. Then my turn came. It was pretty much all a blur. I don’t even really remember the process. All I remember is finishing, setting down my drink, turning and walking away. Time for the winners:

In 5th Aaron Ultimo, 4th Katie Carguilo, I placed 3rd, 2nd Chris Deferio, and 1st Danger Dan Griffin. I’m ok with bronze.

I think that’s all I can write tonight. I’m not even going to proofread. To be continued….


~ by Chris Owens on June 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Looking back on CoffeeFest”

  1. you were robbed.

  2. wish we had a picture of summa these!

  3. grr.. two pictures of me making dumb faces on blogs in one day!

  4. The Murky kids said I was robbed too. Hmm….. To bad we don’t have somekind of visual proof of the evening pours.

  5. m’lissa,

    maybe it’s time to stop making “dumb” faces.


    by the way, where is the other “dumb face” picture?

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