The Kickball Challenge

So the kids over at Ninth Street Espresso have challenged New York City coffee’s usual suspects to a kickball series. Sadly (or fortunately?), I am already obligated on the night of the opening game. M’Lissa and I are heading to Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea with the crew from Coffee Labs Roasters. By the time the second game rolls around, well, we’ll be starting something new in Atlanta.

So, I’m counting on Mike to represent. Bring on some ringers…I mean customers and take it to ’em.

I think this is a great idea. We need to work more on creating a community instead of dividing it.


~ by Chris Owens on November 20, 2006.

12 Responses to “The Kickball Challenge”

  1. they spelled “challenges” wrong. let’s “chalange” them to a spelling bee!

  2. Kickball? Kickball???????????
    Damn guys, you’re in freaking New York.
    It’s stickball, baby, broomsticks and Spaldeens.
    Three sewers is a homer.
    Everyone in Brooklyn knows that.
    Sheesh. Very disappointed in you guys.

    Say hi to Ron for us at Crescent.

  3. kickball is the new stickball, obvs.

  4. Right on!

  5. cricket anyone?

  6. Chris those games last days! Who’s gonna pull shots?

  7. don’t you think a dance-off is more appropriate?
    they are going to get served.

  8. oh it’s already been BROUGHT!

  9. I fully expect to be the last kid picked for the Joe team, and even then probably only out of desperation. Looking forward to it!

  10. fuck yeah!!!
    i see you’ve switched to wordpress… good choice, i’ve been working on something here too… i like it over blogger fo sho!

  11. and “creating community instead of dividing it…” – – – couldn’t have said it better C.

  12. Guys it’s going to be cold! Somebody better be bringing spiked nog!

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