Monday in Malmö

After the Nordic Barista Cup, M’Lissa and I stayed in Copenhagen for a little vacation. Monday we decided to take a little day trip to Malmö, Sweden. It is just a 20 train ride over The Øresund Bridge.

We spent the day wondering this quaint little town (although I think it’s Sweden’s third largest). Of course we had to visit some coffee bars. First stop was Caffe Nesta. This is the home of Dan Stenqvist. I had contacted Dan a few weeks earlier to see if he would be willing to be our guide and he graciously agreed.

When we arrived at Nesta we found out that Dan was at university until 5 so we decided to mill about on our own. We were armed with a list of coffee bars that Dan had recommendeded but no real idea where they were.

By dumb luck we stumbled across Lilla Kafferosteriet. We walked in and, to my surprise, were recognized by the barista. Ulrika had seen us at the NBC and took excellent care of us. Not to mention giving me one of the better espressos of the trip. The cafe is in a beautiful 16th century restored home. The Probat is tucked in the corner of the main room right next to the bar. Man, I love to see a roaster in coffee bars! You can have your coffee in any of the rooms which are nicely appointed with antiques. Of course everything is for sale. This place is already good and I have a feeling they are on there way to great things.

It was time to meet up with Dan back at Nesta where he treated us to dinner. After dinner we set out for Solde Kaffebar.

If you care about coffee and find yourself in Malmö, Solde Kaffebar is your spot. This place is only about coffee. No nonsense to get in the way. We met up with one of the owners, Johan Carlsrtom. He’s a great guy and a talented barista. Just check out all his awards if you don’t belive me. I had a lot of fun sitting around and talking coffee with other passionate people (Dan’s friends Lars and Anna joined us as well). Then Dan and Johan asked me to step behind the machine and play. Johan has some of those fancy teflon coated portafilters (I REALLY want some of these). They just rinse clean with pure ease. Beautiful. As if that wasn’t cool enough they also have a Teflon coated steam wand! I was honored to be allowed to work Johan’s bar. I really must get back there soon.

I have to give a big thanks to both Dan and Johan for a great time.

Also, I finally uploaded some of the pictures from the Nordic Barista Cup to my Flickr if you’re interested.


~ by Chris Owens on October 15, 2006.

3 Responses to “Monday in Malmö”

  1. Hello buddy!

    I´m looking forward to see you in town again. Thanks for a great show at the Solde Kaffebar!

    Dan Stenqvist

  2. Hi guys,

    Right on! Yeah, it would be cool to see you guys pulling shots in NY. My plan is to make a trip over in a couple of years.

  3. Chris, I saw the lovely cup at Lilla Kafferosteriet. I´m heading at that location on wednesday for a cupping, and I will ceck out if they are for sale. If they are, I will buy one for me and one for you…;) Take care

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