I know. I know.

I promised a report about my trip to Norway. Well, it seems that a somewhat edited version may appear in an actual publication soon. That publication shall remain nameless for now, as to not jinx it. Because of that, though, I am holding off on the post. I will however provide some asides that did not make the article. Here is the first one:

After day two of training we head to Aker Brygge where Tim Wendelboe’s friend Alex Jensen, GM of the Stockfleth’s espresso bars, was to pick us up in his boat. The plan was to head out to one of the small islands in Oslofjord for dinner. Shrimp and beer. Very Norwegian. We clumsily climb into the boat and head out into the open water. Not even TWO minutes later the police pull up along side. I’m a little nervous because, well, they’re cops. Somehow cops are a little more intimidating when you don’t know what they’re saying. They make us turn back to dock. Not enough life jackets. So we go back, have a beer in the boat, and head off for some Thai.


~ by Chris Owens on July 6, 2006.

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